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Episode #1559
May 10th, 2023
The Heart of Fear
Burnout is at an all time high among professionals. It has led to ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’ and many professionals resigning from their positions. It has been made worse with the acute job shortage in many professions and overwhelming workloads. How can professionals cope with the burnout? How can you overcome it? Through candid interviews with people in high-stress, high-risk occupations, Alexandra Kharazi MD brings us a raw and honest exploration of the internal conflicts and fears shared by professionals in distinctly different yet surprisingly comparable fields-including medicine, skydiving, and stunt driving. She provides insight on navigating risk in the face of fear and offers techniques on how we can ultimately transcend the limiting beliefs that hold us back from achieving our goals. Dr. Kharazi is a cardiothoracic surgeon based in California.
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The Heart of Fear: A Surgeon's Collection of Stories on Adversity, Passion and PerseveranceBuy
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