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Episode #1622
December 20th, 2023
Another Way To Happiness
Scientists have a reputation for being highly rational, basing their opinions on empirical data. Acclaimed evolutionary biochemist and geneticist Dr. Ski Chilton was no different. Reflecting back on his accomplishments and outlook on life, he admits, “there was not a person who pooh-poohed meditation more.” Then, a Sunday morning violent encounter with an untamed Arabian horse nearly cost him his life, and “it was at that point that moving from science to the sacred in meditation became real.” From his new vantage point in a wheelchair, he shifted his focus from the purely empirical to the deeply spiritual, immersing himself in mindfulness and meditation practices. This journey not only facilitated his physical recovery but also ushered in a profound spiritual enlightenment he never saw coming. Chilton is the founder of Heroes Helping Heroes and is the executive director of the World Shoe Fund. He was recently inducted into the prestigious National Academy of Inventors.
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