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Episode #1528
January 11th, 2023
Weightloss Advice
A recent research study published by Oxford University Press, finds that when doctors tell patients living with obesity to lose weight the guidance they give is generally vague and commonly not supported by scientific evidence. Obesity is a chronic and relapsing condition, but physicians often lack the proper tools to effectively help their patients lose weight. Giving such vague advice as “just change up your lifestyle a bit” leaves patients with bad experiences and no real results. Studies show that doctors give patients information on how to carry out their advice in only 20% of their consultations. They mostly offer weight loss guidance without any detail about how to follow it. Dietician and Nutritionist Suzanne Fisher sheds light on this topic and other diet-related current events and headlines. She's been featured in Men's Health, Runner's World, USA Today, Prevention, Readers Digest, Glamour, Self and Boca magazine.
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