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Episode #1490
August 31st, 2022
Making The Rounds
In her debut memoir Patricia Grayhall MD shares her personal story for anyone who has ever lived the burden of being told their passions or ambitions are wrong. At 19, defying expectations of a woman growing up in Arizona in the 60s, she fled Phoenix for San Francisco, determined to finally come out as a lesbian after years of trying to be a “normal” girl. Her dream of becoming a physician drew her back to college, and then on to medical school in the conservative environment of Salt Lake City. Patricia longed for an equal loving relationship with a woman but her graduate medical training in Boston, with its emotional demands, long hours, lack of sleep, and social isolation, made finding that relationship difficult. Her memoir is a chronicle of coming of age during second wave feminism and striving to have both love and career as a gay medical doctor-finding them in the most surprising ways. She has published in Queer Forty and The Gay and Lesbian Review.
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