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Episode #1464
May 25th, 2022
Pregnancy Loss
Upon discovering that so many other women had experienced miscarriage but had never felt comfortable sharing it, certified coach Frieda Hoffman felt not only betrayed by and furious with the patriarchy that made them feel ashamed, but also a profound sense of sadness that women seem to be made to suffer in silence. Shame and silence beget shame and silence, but Hoffman saw the opportunity to break that by sharing that essential affirmation that we are not alone—in our experience of loss, infertility, healing, uncertainty, longing for catharsis, or mindset. She is a transformative coach and mediator, creative consultant, and entrepreneur with a passion for supporting women and courageous leadership. She holds an MA in social work and conflict management from Berlin’s Alice Salomon University and a dual BA in psychology and anthropology from Johns Hopkins University.
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