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Episode #1407
November 3rd, 2021
Inspired Through Love
Great love stories inspire us to seek passion in our own lives, to get in touch with our deepest core emotions, and make the world a little bit better place. Author and philanthropist Mike Murphy was only six months into his unexpected love affair with his second wife, Margot, when he discovered a lump in her breast. For the next nine years she fought her cancer, armed with a fierce love for life. This is a love story like no other – and one in which the love keeps coming long after his wife’s passing, through a special foundation set up to provide low-income women with advanced cancer with the resources they need for their healing and recovery. Murphy is the founder of the Love from Margot Foundation and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author.
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LIVING IN COLOR: A Love Story, in Sickness and in HealthBuy
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