Kathryn interviews NY Times Best Selling Author Abigail Tucker
Episode #1284
September 2nd, 2020
Transforming Universities
One public university in downtown Atlanta — Georgia State University (GSU) — stands out as a trailblazer that has turned itself upside down to deliver unparalleled equity to its students, regardless of wealth or skin color. GSU started out in the segregation era as an unglamorous, whites-only commuter school and, as recently as 2003, was failing to graduate two-thirds of its students. Yet in recent years it has erased each and every achievement gap and dramatically improved the prospects of all its students, most of whom are from lower-income families. Andrew Gumbel tells the extraordinary story of how GSU tore up the rulebook on education helping realize lifelong dreams of graduating from college. For more than twenty years he worked as a foreign correspondent for Reuters, The Guardian and The Independent.
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