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Episode #5762
July 25th, 2018
Jane Goodall's Camp
On July 12, 1969, Ruth Davis, a young American volunteer at Dr. Jane Goodall's famous chimpanzee research camp in the Gombe Stream National Park of Tanzania, East Africa, walked out of camp to follow a chimpanzee into the forest. Six days later, her body was found floating in a pool at the base of a high waterfall. Dale Peterson PhD reveals for the first time the full story of day-to-day life in Goodall's wilderness camp - the people and the animals, the stresses and excitements, the social conflicts and cultural alignments, and the astonishing friendships that developed between three of the researchers and some of the chimpanzees-during the months preceding that tragic event. Peterson is an award-winning author, including Notable Book of the Year by the NYTimes and Best Book of the Year by the Boston Globe.
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The Ghosts of Gombe: A True Story of Love and Death in an African WildernessBuy
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