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Episode #1674
June 26th, 2024
Preparing For A Changing World
High schoolers planning for futures in college will schedule college-prep courses, cram for exams, and spend hours taking the ACT or SAT multiple times — all to get admitted into the university of their choice. College admissions strategist Greg Kaplan says, “College admissions in the United States have evolved into a rat race,” and there’s a different conversation he wishes parents and students would have before embarking on the ever-more competitive college admissions process. He goes beyond the well-chronicled college admissions madness and cuts to the core of parental angst, delivering a definitive guide that shares what parents can do now to help their children make the most of the opportunities they will encounter in the future. Headquartered in Newport Beach, his firm, The Kaplan Educational Group, helps hundreds of high school seniors and over 1,000 underclassmen reach their educational and career potential each year.
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The Journey: How to Prepare Kids for a Competitive and Changing WorldBuy
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