Abbot alumna inspires and educates through radio show
Episode #1660
May 1st, 2024
According to the CDC, about 1 in 36 children are identified as having autism spectrum disorder, and more than 5.4 million adults are living with autism. And yet, public perception, understanding and acceptance have a long way to go, says author, substitute teacher and social media influencer Matthew Kenslow. He never gave his autism diagnosis the power to define him or limit his pursuits, and he hopes to inspire, inform and create change by sharing his compelling true story. He takes readers on a gripping story of how one man faced Autism head-on, persevering through discrimination in his own neighborhood, all the while not being given a full range of opportunities. He chronicles his highs and lows with candor, as he walks readers through what life is really like for people who are neurodivergent. He has been featured in Newsweek Magazine, Spectrum News, ABC7 Los Angeles and many more.
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