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Episode #1626
January 3rd, 2024
Fascism To Freedom
In July 1940, Barbara Feigin was a two-year-old toddler when she fled with her parents from Nazi Germany. Risking their lives with only $10.50, the clothes on their backs, and what they could carry, and with no idea where they would settle and how they would make a life for themselves. Over seventy years later, she made an incredible discovery–her father had kept a journal of their escape from Nazi Germany. Her parents had rarely spoken of their escape and had never mentioned her father’s journal, and she remembered nothing of their passage. There had been a gaping hole in her family’s history, and her father’s journal would help to fill it. She shares a memoir of resilience, grit, and grace that starts with the entire text of her father’s journal, relating in his own words the terrifying details of the family’s escape. She graduated from Whitman College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science, and completed a graduate program in business administration run jointly by Harvard Business School and Radcliffe Graduate School.
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