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Episode #1619
December 13th, 2023
Trust Me
There are two reasons we don’t trust people: We don’t know them. We know them. Just ask Jeffrey Meshel. At the age of four, he was kidnapped. The next year, his parents divorced and he was raised by his alcoholic mom. As an adult, his marriage fell apart and his kids were turned against him by his ex-wife. Later, he was badly burned by a business partner whom he labels a psychopath. He certainly has reasons not to trust others, especially when those closest to him violated his trust. But there is hope. In his book he shares a profusion of sharp insights and examples displaying the double-edged sword of trust. He examines the role of trust, from whom consumers buy from, to which news media to follow, to which politician to support and to which people closest to us are worthy of trust. Jeffrey is founder of Candor Capital Partners and has been featured on The Today Show.
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