Kathryn interviews NY Times Best Selling Author Abigail Tucker
Episode #1331
February 10th, 2021
Building Abundance
How do you define prosperity, as it relates to your individual circumstances? Would more money make you feel prosperous? Better health? More friends? The truth is, all these things matter, notes Wall Street veteran and author John Lohrenz. He draws upon his professional and personal experiences and seamlessly blends them with the principles of modern psychology, health, wellness and finance to inform his Pyramid of Prosperity — a reimagined version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that reflects present-day fundamental truths. The Pyramid of Prosperity gives readers a visual representation of Lohrenz’s point that multiple contributors to happiness need to exist in harmony for the pinnacle of prosperity to be reached. After his career at Merrill Lynch, Lohrenz opened his own firm JKL Wealth Management.
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The Prosperity Project: Building Abundance and A Map For A Life Well LivedBuy
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