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Episode #1235
March 4th, 2020
Ep. 1235 Living Confidently
Millennial women are under pressure. Pressure to make the right decisions. To blaze wildly successful, yet meaningful, careers. And to change the world - all before hitting 40 while effortlessly balancing work, bosses, kids, spouses, personal relationships and aging parents. It’s no wonder that millennial women are flat-out stressed out. A whopping 86% report being stressed multiple times a week. Over 75% battle sleepless nights. And 64% feel like imposters in their jobs. Is there an out? Through compelling mix-and-match, real-world storylines and provocative data points, Rebekah Bastian inspires women to embrace the fact that there’s no one “perfect” linear path, just your own. She’s been featured in Medium, HuffPost, Thrive Global and is a regular contributor to Forbes.
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